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Aemilia Luciano

Member of the First Cohort

~ Roleplayed by Rabbitty ~

Aemilia Viviana Luciano is a 17-year-old Roman demigod, granddaughter of Venus and Pluto.


Aemilia's story starts long before her birth. It starts with her grandmother Vivian Luciano, and Pluto. Vivian had a son, Victor. Victor found his way to camp, where he eventually won the heart of a beautiful daughter of Venus: Cassia.

Eventually they got engaged, and intended to live in New Rome after they both finished their 10 years in the Twelfth Legion. They had both gotten to Camp at age 13, but Victor, being a year older, finished his 10 years first. But right as he finished, Cassia found out she was pregnant. Cassia made a deal with them: if she could get out for a year until the baby was born, she'd come back and do her last year, and 1 extra year because she got out for one. They agreed. So Victor bailed on his plan of going to Berkeley for collage and they moved into an apartment in New Rome.

The baby was born, beautiful little Aemilia. When Aemilia was almost 3 months old, Cassia went back into the Legion. She served her 10th year, and then started on her extra. Halfway though her extra year, she was killed. Aemilia wasn't yet 2, and far too young to understand, all she knew was that her mother was gone.

After Cassia died, Victor did his best to raise his daughter. He took her everywhere with him, not trusting any babysitter to watch over Aemilia properly.

When Aemilia was 8, Victor married. Since then, he his been married and divorced 4 times. Aemilia retreated into herself, becoming sly and cunning. She had to be, to be able to navigate in intricate network of steps, halves, and exs. When it all got too much, Aemilia'd go outside and go riding on Libero (Her pegasus, a gift from her father, given to under the promise that she would not bait stepmother #2 the way she had #1).



Victor Luciano Cassia Bellini Stepmothers #1-4
As a small child, Aemilia was cherished by her father. Then when he married. . and remarried, he had little time for her, and Aemilia was often pushed to the sidelines. But despite this, he's the only person who's ever truly been there for her, ever. She always strives to make him proud of her. Cassia was killed just 3 monthes before Aemilia turned 2. Aemilia doesn't remember her at all. She doesn't miss her, but she does wish she knew her. Aemilia's dad first got married when she was 8. Aemilia doesn't exactly hate them, they amuse her, and she likes baiting them, tricking and manipulating them. But them, them and the step-and-half-sibs, get all of Victor's attention, attention that Aemilia once had, and she wants it back. So what better way to get it back then by sabotaging the stepmoms?