Places to live after I graduate:

-Break into Orion's old cathedral/house. Problems: They probably turned the water off because the water bill wasn't getting paid, death by dehydration.

-Get a flat. Problems: Requires a job.

-Break into Orion's old cathedral/house. Take and sell stuff. Get a flat. Problems: If that was a valid option, Orion wouldn't be the way he is now.

-Smuggle potions supplies from the student store cupboard out of class. Sell. Get a flat. Problems: Only works as long as I'm a student, I'll run out of money at some point.

-Stop thinking of solutions that involve the money of Orion's old house. Problems: He's the only person I've ever known who had money they wouldn't miss.

-Sell Slytherin Common Room password. Problems: Who'd buy it?

-Cut my hair and sell it. Problems: I think that only works in books. And I don't want someone having a wig that's my hair.

-Sell the bear ring. Problems: Probably not worth much. And I don't want to.

-Sell my old homework to the younger years. Problems: My homework was never that good.