• Flying- freeing
  • Music- makes me happier
  • Animals/pets- nicer than people
  • Poetry- takes the tightness that I can't name away
  • Crafts- a way to focus


  • Reading- a way make sure people leave you along
  • Cooking- a way to get cookies without being told off (as long as you make enough for everyone)
  • Playing outside and goofing off- just plain fun
  • Playing cards- she's good, and no one ever says "It's just a game" when they're winning


  • Magic- I'm not a muggle so why should I act like one
  • Exploring, looking, finding- at peace when I do. I like to roam.
  • Animals/pets- they're loyal and mute
  • Quidditch- if you don't like Quidditch no explanation can help you