Name Warmth Reasoning Emotional Stability Dominance Liveliness Rule-Consciousness Social Boldness Sensitivity Vigilance Abstractedness Privateness Apprehension Openness to Change Self-Reliance Perfectionism Tension
Celesta Distant Abstract-thinking Easily upset, fragile Submissive, humble Happy-go-lucky Rule-conscious Hesitant Sentimental Distrustful Abstract Private Self-doubting, worried, guilt prone, insecure Flexibility Both Tolerates disorder Depends
Alexandria Reserved (warm behind that) Fast-learner Adaptive Avoids conflict but pushes back at authority Animated Nonconforming (and follows rules even less with Orion) Quiet Self-reliant Vigilant Imaginative Private Confident Attached to familiar Self-sufficient Doesn't mind and sorta likes chaos Patient
Nevaeh Aloof More intelligent Affected by feelings but keeps exterior hard Aggressive, competitive Taciturn Dutiful Indifferent Only those who she cares about can hurt her. And they can hurt her badly Skeptical Grounded Discreet On edge Respecting traditional ideas Self-reliant Organized Driven
Zephyrus Cool Varies Reactive emotionally Easily led Introspective Only breaks rules on occasion when pretty sure he won't get caught Intimidated No-nonsense Borderline Borderline Nondisclosing Nervous Likes the known Solitary Compulsive Frustrated
Amedea Formal Concrete thinking Fluctuating Assertive Prudent Conscientious Uninhibited Refined Suspicious Conventional Shrewd Worrying Traditional Affirmative Self-sentimental Tense
Elara Impersonal (fake warm sometimes, and real warm with her sisters) Strong-minded Mature Accommodating (but really scheming to kill you) Restrained Disregards rules altogether Venturesome Self-reliant Distrustful Solution oriented Discreet Nervous, on edge Analytical Solo Self-disciplined Driven
Valerie Outgoing Bright Emotionally stable Forceful, rebellious Expressive Rebellious, pushes and breaks rules Thick-skinned Accepting but skeptical Imaginative Imaginative Borderline Unworried Free-thinking Group-oriented Careless of social rules, uncontrolled High-energy