I have long since been collecting the variously romantic-esque quotes that really stay will me.
This is the same thing, but for quotes that strike me as gloriously joyful.

Today I will be as happy as a bird with a French fry.

– The bag of the girl who was sitting next to me in a big testing session,

"The moon may wane… but this is also sunrise on the first day of summer. Warm days and new life. You've earned that, and so have I. Let the bastards take them from us if they can." Then she laughed and whistled, a clear, soaring note. The wind came as if in answer… "Here's Old Man Tishooo at last. Come on, brother. Let's go home."

– Jame, Seeker's Mask by P. C. Hodgell

Riding my bike away from parties—
How the night swallows me like a dragon

– "A Prude's Manifesto" by Cam Awkward-Rich

I was far from my homeland but this was where I belonged for now.

The rest was up to my kısmet.

Leyla: The Black Tulip by Alev Croutier

She studied politics and literature. It was the very thing that had drawn him to her: she lived reality and fiction side by side. Where he, himself nearly lost himself in the time lines, she took a thousand variations on events and wove them together in a great tapestry of life. Ten thousand little chiming golden seedpods waiting to germinate and grow.

– "Her Kingdom As Great" by MarbleGlove

and they are two halves of a golden sun, pressing together, burning hot and bright and [endlessly] gold,

– "These, our bodies, possessed by light" by redbells

"You Can't Stop the Beat"
From Hairspray

"Just To See You Smile"
by Claire Kuo