First YearEdit

Bluebell Flames 1st Transfiguration Any Creates a small blue flame which is immune to water
Cistem Aperio 1st Charm Utility Opens closed things such as chests and doors
Colovaria 1st Charm Utility Changes the color of an object
Expelliarmus 1st Charm Defensive Disarming Charm
Gripping Charm 1st Charm Utility Helps to grip something better (Used on Quaffles)
Hair-Thickening Charm 1st Charm Utility Causes hair to become thicker
Herbifors 1st Jinx Any A spell that makes flowers sprout out of the victim's head
Hover Charm 1st Charm Utility Levitates and moves objects
Incendio 1st Transfiguration Any Produces fire
Inflatus 1st Transfiguration Utilty Inflates objects
Locomotor Mortis 1st Jinx Offensive/Defensive Locks the target's legs together
Lumos 1st Charm Utility Creates a small light on the wand's tip
Match to needle 1st Transfiguration Utility Turns a match into a needle
Nox 1st Charm Counterspell Counterspell to Lumos
Periculum 1st Charm Utility Causes red sparks/flares to shoot from the user's wand
Petrificus Totalus 1st Hex Any Bind the target's body in straight position
Placement Charm 1st Charm Utility Temporarily attaches one object to another
Protego 1st Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Causes minor spells to rebound or not have their full effect
Trip Jinx 1st Jinx Offensive Causes the target to trip
Verdimillious 1st Charm Utility A spell that shoots green sparks from the end of the wand
Wingardium Leviosa 1st Charm Any Levitates objects

Second YearEdit

Glisseo 2nd Transfiguration Defensive/Utility Causes steps to flatten into a ramp
Glacius 2nd Transfiguration Any Freezes things to ice
Fumos 2nd Charm Any Produces a cloud of dark gray smoke
Flipendo 2nd Transfiguration Any Used to push objects, stun enemies or break containers
Herbivicus 2nd Charm Utility Makes non-magical flowers and plants bloom in an instant
Hot-Air Charm 2nd Charm Utility Causes wand to emit hot air
Hurling Hex 2nd Jinx Any Causes an object to try to hurl anything off it
Illegibilus 2nd Charm Utility Renders text illegible
Arania Exumai 2nd Transfiguration Any Knocks over or throws back animals
Aguamenti 2nd Transfiguration Any Conjures water
Ascendio 2nd Charm Any Launches the caster into the air
Arresto Momentum 2nd Charm Utility Slows the speed of a moving object that is falling
Bewitched Snowballs 2nd Charm Any Causes snowballs to pelt themselves at the target
Defodio 2nd Transfiguration Utility Dig out materials, such as stone, or create gouges
Cracker Jinx 2nd Jinx Any Conjures exploding Wizard Crackers
Bubble-producing spell 2nd Transfiguration Any Creates a stream of non-bursting bubbles
Colloshoo 2nd Jinx Any Makes the target's shoes stick to the ground
Cauldron to Sieve 2nd Transfiguration Utility Transfigures cauldrons into sieves
Bubble-Head Charm 2nd Charm Defensive/Utility Creates a bubble of air
Alarte Ascendare 2nd Charm Any Causes the target to shoot up into the air
Alohomora 2nd Transfiguration Utility Unlocks locks
Locomotor 2nd Charm Utility Levitates the object named in the spell
Impedimenta 2nd Jinx Any Binds, trips or freezes the target
Jelly-Brain Jinx 2nd Jinx Any Stuns the target for a moment
Oculus Reparo 2nd Transfiguration Defensive/Utility Repairs glasses
Obscuro 2nd Transfiguration Any Creates a blindfold over the target's eyes
Leek Jinx 2nd Jinx Utility Makes leeks sprout out of the target's ears
Meteolojinx Recanto 2nd Charm/Protection Counterspell Causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease
Mobiliarbus 2nd Charm Utility Makes trees or plants move
Skurge 2nd Charm Utility Cleans up ectoplasm
Snufflifors 2nd Transfiguration Any Transfigures small mice into books
Scourgify 2nd Charm Utility Used to clean something
Rictusempra 2nd Charm Any The target is tickled
Reparo 2nd Transfiguration Utility Fixes broken objects
Tarantallegra 2nd Hex Utility Makes the target's legs dance uncontrollably
Ventus 2nd Transfiguration Any Shoots thin cord rope out of the wand that the caster can control
Tergeo 2nd Transfiguration Utility Siphons a liquid into the caster's wand

Third YearEdit

Horton-Keitch Braking Charm 3rd Charm Utility Used on brooms to help them stop quickly
Homenum Revelio 3rd Charm Utility Reveals if humans nearby
Immobulus 3rd Charm Utility Makes the target immobile
Furnunculus 3rd Hex Offensive Causes a person to break out in boils when it comes in contact with their skin
Diffindo 3rd Charm Offensive/Utility Cuts or rips the target
Diminuendo 3rd Transfiguration Any Forces objects to shrink
Engorgio 3rd Charm Any Causes objects to grow in size
Episkey 3rd Transfiguration/Healing Utility Heals minor injuries
Epoximise 3rd Transfiguration Any Affixes an object to another like glue
Descendo 3rd Transfiguration Offensive/Utility Makes things sink, or go down
Erecto 3rd Charm Utility Used to erect or build something
Expulso 3rd Transfiguration Defensive Causes an object to explode
Finite Incantatem 3rd Charm Any Negates the effects of most charms
Bombarda 3rd Transfiguration Offensive Causes a small explosion
Babbling Curse 3rd Hex Offensive/Defensive Causes the target to babble
Accio 3rd Charm Utility Summons an item
Aparecium 3rd Transfiguration Utility Forces invisible ink to appear
Cantis 3rd Jinx Any Causes the target to sing
Carpe Retractum 3rd Charm Any Pulls items of objects towards you, or you towards them
Concealment Charm 3rd Charm Defensive/Utility Conceals an object from the naked eye
Cornflake skin spell 3rd Hex Utility Causes the target's skin to become coated in cornflakes
Confundo 3rd Charm Offensive Causes the target to become confused and forgetful
Cribbing Spell 3rd Charm Utility Assists the caster in cheating on written papers, tests and exams
Point Me 3rd Charm Utility Causes the caster's wand to point north
Quietus 3rd Charm Utility Makes a loud voice quieter
Reducio 3rd Charm Any Makes the target smaller
Orchideous 3rd Transfiguration Utility Conjures a bouquet of flowers
Pack 3rd Charm Utility Packs a trunk of luggage
Permanent Sticking Charm 3rd Charm Utility Permanentlly makes something stay in place
Langlock 3rd Jinx Offensive/Defensive Causes the target's tongue to glue to the top of their mouth
Knee-Reversal Hex 3rd Hex Offensive Causes the target's knees to appear on the backs of their legs
Locomotor Wibbly 3rd Jinx Offensive/Defensive Renders the target's legs usless and wobbly
Impervius 3rd Charm Defensive/Utility Makes something repellant to substances
Imperturbable Charm 3rd Charm Defensive/Utility Makes an object inpenetrable by everything, including sound
Lapifors 3rd Transfiguration Any Turns small objects into rabbits
Lumos Solem 3rd Charm Utility Creates a bright light and hurts things which don't like sunlight
Melofors 3rd Jinx Any Encases the target's head in a pumpkin
Sonorus 3rd Charm Utility Makes the target's voice louder
Steleus 3rd Hex Any Causes the victim to sneeze for a short period of time
Stinging Jinx 3rd Jinx Offensive Produces a stinging sensation, causing welts and inflammation
Slugulus Eructo 3rd Hex Offensive Causes the target to vomit slugs
Sonorous Charm 3rd Charm Any Emits a magnified roar from the tip of the wand
Rennervate 3rd Charm/Healing Utility Makes the target conscious
Refilling Charm 3rd Transfiguration Any Refills a drink
Salvio Hexia 3rd Charm/Protective Defensive Provides Protection against hexes
Switching Spell 3rd Transfiguration Any Causes two objects to be swapped for one other
Waddiwasi 3rd Charm Any Launches a small object through the air

Fourth YearEdit

Densaugeo 4rd Jinx Offensive/Utility Causes teeth to grow rapidly
Anteoculatia 4th Hex Any Makes the victim grow horns
Calvorio 4th Hex Offensive Causes target to lose their hair
Flagrate 4th Transfiguration Utility Wand leaves fiery marks
Ducklifors 4th Transfiguration Any Transforms target creature into a duck
Drought Charm 4th Charm Any This charm will dry up bodies of water when cast
Extinguishing spell 4th Transfiguration Defensive/Utility Puts out fires
Ferula 4th Transfiguration/Healing Utility Creates a bandage and splint
Vera Verto 4th Transfiguration Any Transforms an animal into a water goblet
Depulso 4th Charm Utility Opposite of summoning
Bat-Bogey Hex 4th Hex Offensive Bats appear on target's face
Arrow-Shooting Spell 4th Transfiguration Offensive Fires arrows from the caster's wand
Avifors 4th Transfiguration Any Turns inanimate objects into birds
Anapneo 4th Charm/Healing Utility Unblocks blocked throats
Colloportus 4th Charm/Defensive Utility Magically locks a door
Cheering Charm 4th Charm Utility Causes the target to become happy and content
Deprimo 4th Transfiguration Offensive/Utility Places immense downward pressure upon its target
Protego Totalum 4th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Protects an area or dwelling
Obliteration Charm 4th Charm Defensive/Utility Removes traces of passing, such as footprints and smell
Muffliato 4th Charm Utility Keeps nearby people from hearing a conversation
Lacarnum Inflamarae 4th Hex Offensive/Utility Shoots a fireball from the tip of the caster's wand
Incarcerous 4th Transfiguration Any Ties something up with rope
Liberacorpus 4th Charm/Protective Counterspell Counterspell to Levicorpus
Levicorpus 4th Charm Any Target is hoisted into the air by their ankle
Reparifors 4th Charm/Healing Defensive/Utility Cures minor magically-induced ailments, such as paralysis and poisoning
Reducto 4th Transfiguration Any Reduces solid objects to smaller pieces
Riddikulus 4th Transfiguration Any Forces a boggart to take the appearance of what the caster is thinking of
Toenail Growth Hex 4th Hex Any Causes the toenails to grow at an extreme and uncontrollable rate
Supersensory Charm 4th Charm Utility Heightens the target's senses
Stupefy 4th Charm Offensive Renders the target unconscious

Fifth YearEdit

Mobilicorpus 5rd Charm Utility Moves the bodies of those who find themselves unable to walk, regardless of whether or not they are conscious
Fountain of Wine 5th Transfiguration Utility Makes a stream of wine appear from the tip of the wand
Fur Spell 5th Transfiguration Any Causes fur to grow on target individual
Evanesco 5th Transfiguration Utility Makes the target vanish
Fianto Duri 5th Transfiguration/Protection Defensive/Utility Turns magical shields into physical shields
Finger-removing Jinx 5th Hex Offensive Hexes a finger off
Avis 5th Transfiguration Offensive/Defensive Summons small birds
Aqua Eructo 5th Transfiguration Any Creates a large torrent of water
Brackium Emendo 5th Transfiguration/Healing Utility Heal a broken bone
Bombarda Maxima 5th Transfiguration Offensive Causes a big explosion that can take down entire walls
Cushioning Charm 5th Charm Utility Used on broomsticks to create an invisible, cushioned area for the rider
Mucus ad Nauseam 5th Curse Offensive/Utility Gives the recipient a massive head cold, as well as a runny nose
Deletrius 5th Transfiguration Utility Erases images and magical "after-effects"
Protego Horribilis 5th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Provides a shield against dark magic
Piertotum Locomotor 5th Transfiguration Any Animates statues and armor
Oppugno 5th Transfiguration Offensive Causes conjured objects to attack
Intruder Charm 5th Charm/Protection Defensive/Utility Detects intruders and sounds an alarm
Lumos Maxima 5th Charm Utility Creates a brilliant light which dazes those looking at it
Spongify 5th Transfiguration Any Turns the object into a magical gel-like substance which you can bounce on
Stealth Sensoring Spell 5th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Detects those under magical disguise
Silencio 5th Charm Any Silences the target

Sixth YearEdit

Homorphus Charm 6th Charm Utility Causes an animagus to assume it's normal shape
Flagrante Curse 6th Curse Offensive Causes objects to burn human skin when touched
Geminio 6th Transfiguration Utility Whenever the cursed object is touched, it makes multiple fake copies of itself
Duro 6th Transfiguration Any Makes the object hard as stone
Disillusionment Charm 6th Charm Any Causes the target to become nearly invisible
Draconifors 6th Transfiguration Any Turns statues of dragons into real dragons
Confringo 6th Curse Offensive Causes anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode
Age-Line Spell 6th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Creates a line that is impassable by people below a set age
Caterwauling Charm 6th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Entering the perimeter sets off an alarm
Conjunctivitus Curse 6th Curse Offensive Causes great pain to the victim's eyes and vision
Protego Maxima 6th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Powerful shield charm against Dark magic
Protean Charm 6th Charm Utility Causes copies of an object to be remotely affectd by spells on the original
Obliviate 6th Charm Any Removes memories
Partis Temporus 6th Transfiguration Offensive/Utility Creates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers
Specialis Revelio 6th Charm Utility Makes an object reveal that it has hidden or magical qualities
Serpensortia 6th Transfiguration Any Conjures a serpent
Sectumsempra 6th Transfiguration Offensive Wounds magically as if the target had been slashed with a sword
Vulnera Sanentur 6th Transfiguration/Healing Utility Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim
Unbreakable Charm 6th Charm Any An object becomes unbreakable
Undetectable Extension Charm 6th Charm Utility Causes a container's interior capacity to be increased
Jelly-Fingers Curse 6th Curse Offensive Makes fingers like jelly and stick to things permanently
Mimble Wimble 6th Curse/Protection Defensive/Utility Prevents certain information from being revealed by the target
Vinegar to wine 6th Charm Any Turns vinegar into wine

Seventh YearEdit

Entomorphis 7th Hex Any Turns the target into an insectoid person for a short time
Expecto Patronum 7th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Creates a Patronus
Fidelius Charm 7th Charm/Protective Defensive Keeps information hidden the secret keeper's soul
Firestorm 7th Transfiguration Any Conjures a ring of fire that the caster can direct
Bedazzling Hex 7th Hex Defensive/Utility Causes target to be invisible
Anti-Disapparition Jinx 7th Jinx/Protective Offensive/Defensive Cannot Apparate or Disapparate in area
Portus 7th Transfiguration/Charm Utility Turns an object into a Portkey
Prior Incantato 7th Charm Utility Causes an echo of the last spell cast to come from a wand
Relashio 7th Charm Any Forces something or someone to release what it's holding
Repello Muggletum 7th Charm/Protective Utility Keeps Muggles away from a location
Repello Inimicum 7th Charm/Protective Any Disintegrates the person(s) entering this protected zone
Taboo 7th Hex Utility When the trigger word is spoken, the caster is aware, and concealment enchantments around the target are broken for the caster, who knows the speaker's location
Entrail-Expelling Curse 7th Curse Offensive Causes target's entrails to be ejected from the body
Unbreakable Vow 7th Curse/Promise Any Forces the target to fulfill their vow or die

Eighth YearEdit

Flying Charm 8th Charm Utility Cast on objects to make them fly
Flame-Freezing Charm 8th Charm Defensive/Utility Causes fire to become harmless
Anti-Cheating Spell 8th Charm/Protective Utility Makes cheating impossible
Cave Inimicum 8th Charm/Protective Defensive Strengthens an enclosure from enemies
Fiendfyre Curse 8th Curse Offensive Creates Fiendfyre — which burns anything, and is impossible to put out
Crucio 8th Curse Offensive Pain Curse — can cause permanent mental damage
Avada Kedavra 8th Curse Offensive Killing Curse
Legilimens 8th Charm Any Allows the caster to dive into the target's mind
Imperio 8th Curse Offensive Causes target to obey caster's commands
Transmogrifian Torture 8th Curse Any Turns the target to stone — slowly and excruciatingly