To my eldest son Neville Oliver Harrison, I leave the Harrison Household.

To my son Viktor James Harrison, I leave my wand, unicorn hair and elm, 13 inches, strong.

To my daughter Audrey Helena Harrison, I leave my wedding ring.

To my son Erick Alexander Harrison, I leave Jeremy's grey owl, Marius.

I leave the furniture of the Harrison Household to Neville, the continents of the broom cupboard to Erick, my jewellery box to Audrey, and the various charmed objects to Viktor.

Family heirlooms are to be split equally among Neville, Viktor, Erick and Audrey. If any disputes arise, it is to go the elder one or the son, according to tradition. The goblin-made goblet on the top self goes to Theodor Alan Harrison.

Although the house goes to Neville, Viktor, Audrey and Erick retain jurisdiction of their childhood bedrooms.

To my 3 sons, I leave equal sums, 25% of the family money each. Audrey, this is old family money and will follow the old family traditions, but these are modern times, so to my daughter Audrey I leave 10% of my money.

To my niece Iris Violet Berrin, I leave my mother's pearl necklace, the one in the bottom left drawer of my bureau. The one with Lestrange engraved on the clasp.

To my grandson Theodor Alan Harrison, I leave 5% of my money. Put it in an account for him, saving it until he's older.


If you are getting this, I am dead. Goodbye my dear, I love you. You are the best son a woman could hope for.

I'm so sorry to put this burden on you. But now it's the only option. I need you to care of Audrey. Azkaban has stolen her sanity, and she needs someone looking out for her. Use this claim-slip — it'll get you an additional 10% of the family money. Use this money to care for her, and as an apology from me for shouldering you with this burden.

I am so sorry for this Viktor. I would still caring for her if I still could.