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There are two types of each heading: One with the edit button after it, and one without

With edit button Without edit button
=Your heading=
<h1>Your heading</h1>
==Your heading==
<h2>Your heading</h2>
===Your heading===
<h3>Your heading</h3>
====Your heading====
<h4>Your heading</h4>
=====Your heading=====
<h5>Your heading</h5>
======Your heading======
<h6>Your heading</h6>

Table of contents (TOC)Edit

If a page has at least 4 headings, a table of contents is generated by default, right before the first heading.

If you want it to be otherwise, there are a few ways to do that.

Makes it so there's no table of contents, even though there are 4 or more headings.
Makes it so there is a table of contents, even though there are 3 or less headings.
Makes a table of contents (even if there are less than 4 headings) and places it wherever this code is.

Browser-Specific CodeEdit

-webkit- Google Chrone and Safari
-moz- Mozilla Firefox

These are browser-specific prefixes. If you label an element with one, then that element will only show if you're on that browser. For example:




Any text in the noinclude tags will be applied to the template page, but not to pages the template is used on.


It's particularly useful for categories.


Any text in the includeonly tags will be applied to pages the template is used on, but not to the template page.


It's particularly useful for categories.


My favorite favicon maker is You can unload an image and have it turned into a favicon, like on any other favicon website. But this one allows you to edit to too, before finalizing it.

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