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{{Word Bubble IC
|image      = 
|color      = 
|color2     = 
|textcolor  = 
|textcolor2 = 
|line       = 
|fonttype   = 
|charname   = 
|charpage   = 
|house      = 
|title      = 
|time       = 
|text       = 

In the image = field, write the picture you want on the bubble. It should just be Picturename.jpg/png/whatever, it should not include File: nor brackets, nor file size nor anything else.

For the color = field, you put the color you want the top half of word bubble background to be. You put the color for the bottom half in color2 = . The color can be a color hex, or a wikia color name (see the chart).


HTML Colour Names
DarkSalmon LightCoral Salmon IndianRed FireBrick
Red Crimson DarkRed MediumVioletRed DeepPink
Pink LightPink Thistle Plum PaleVioletRed
HotPink Orchid Fuchsia Magenta Violet
Purple DarkMagenta MediumOrchid DarkOrchid DarkViolet
Indigo RebeccaPurple BlueViolet MediumPurple MediumSlateBlue
SlateBlue DarkSlateBlue MidnightBlue Navy DarkBlue
MediumBlue Blue RoyalBlue CornflowerBlue DodgerBlue
SteelBlue LightSteelBlue LightBlue PowderBlue SkyBlue
LightSkyBlue DeepSkyBlue PaleTurquoise Aqua Cyan
Teal DarkCyan CadetBlue LightSeaGreen DarkTurquoise
Aquamarine Turquoise MediumTurquoise MediumAquamarine DarkSeaGreen
SpringGreen MediumSpringGreen MediumSeaGreen SeaGreen ForestGreen
DarkGreen DarkOliveGreen OliveDrab Olive YellowGreen
LightGreen PaleGreen Lime LimeGreen Green
LawnGreen Chartreuse GreenYellow Yellow Gold
Khaki SandyBrown Coral Tomato OrangeRed
Chocolate Orange DarkOrange Goldenrod DarkKhaki
Peru DarkGoldenrod Sienna Brown SaddleBrown
Maroon RosyBrown Black DarkSlateGray SlateGray
LightSlateGray DimGray Gray DarkGray Silver
LightGrey Gainsboro AntiqueWhite BlanchedAlmond Bisque
NavajoWhite PeachPuff Wheat Moccasin LemonChiffon
LightYellow Cornsilk LightGoldenrodYellow Beige PapayaWhip
Lavender AliceBlue GhostWhite WhiteSmoke LightCyan
White Snow MintCream Azure Seashell
Honeydew Ivory OldLace FloralWhite Linen
LavenderBlush MistyRose PaleGoldenrod Tan BurlyWood


For textcolor = (the color of the text on the top half of the bubble) and textcolor2 = (the text on the bottom half) and line = (the thin line between halves), just choose more colors.

The charname = and charpage = slots are often the same, but sometimes different. The charpage = has to be the exact page-name of the character's page, while charname = is whatever name you want the bubble to display. If you character goes by a nickname, you might want that to be on the bubble, or perhaps you only want the char's first name on the bubble, not their surname.

After the char's name, in smaller text, will be a title of some sort. That goes in house = . Some people use a student's house and year, some people use someone's profession, some people use some abstract title describing their disposition, and some leave it blank. It's whatever you want.

After that is another line, title = . Some people use it to add another title, some people put a quote that fits the character, some make a link to their user-page. It's another chance to do whatever you want, and whatever you feel best portrays your character.

In the text = blank, write {{{Your character's name}}}. In the time = space, write {{{time}}}.

Now click [[Template:Template:USERNAME|here]] and put that code in there, and save it.

Then, when you're ready to roleplay, use the code {{Template:USERNAME|Your character's name = Whatever post you're posting with the bubble.|time = 03:25, September 19, 2014 (UTC)}}