Everyone Is Gay is the trope that this blog is named after — "The tendency for Fan Fic and other fan works to include characters that are homosexual/bisexual/pansexual in an improbably high amount, even if the original work contains no indication of such a thing."

DARP is arguably fanfic in and of itself, but then there's the DARP fan-work. You know, stuff like Farlinch. So this is me, talking about that kind of stuff — ranging from subjective to crazy tabloid shit.

And lemme say right now: This is my wiki, and I can right whatever I want here. So if you don't like what I'm saying, run back to DARP.


I'll stand by you even when no one else does.

–Charles Linch, RPed by Zanzan28, canon

Oh Farlinch. The paring of Einar Faris and Charles Linch (known as Linch to most, and as Charlie to Einar), the Duxterran leaders of the UK.

Zan and Jisk swear up and down that there's nothing romantic between them. And they're the users, what they say is valid.

But I just can't see it as straight. I find it absolutely mind-boggling that the RPs were written with no romantic connotation. ♫ "They keep on saying they're not gay, but yeah I really doubt that; This can't just be a bromance..." ♫

I've heard that it was stated by Soa as a joke; I really don't want that to be true, I want so badly to believe the idea was started by someone who genuinely shipped them.

I polled it. And got almost exactly 50/50 votes for and against them.

And we will face that despair... together.

–Charles Linch, RPed by Zanzan28, canon


Ramley/Kinsel. This one I just don't get. At all. If someone could explain it to me, please owl or PM me. Until them I'm sticking to believing someone came up with it while high.

Lucas is gay

Lucas Finch is doing pretty well for himself. At only 17, he is a prominent dark figure.

It had never crossed my mind, but then I heard the idea on chat, that Lucas is gay. It was quickly shut down by Jack, but really, why not? Yes, he's being shipped with Lexi Kember. But they fall in the weird category of shippings where one person is 2 years older. Now that's not much, and with adults it wouldn't be a problem. But when the people in question are young, it pushes hard on the boarder of Not Ok. One person being a fifth year, and the other just graduated? It's not so far apart that people would shut it down, but it is certainly very questionable.

Christian is gay

Maria, I ugh- I don't know how to say this... There really is no way to say it without sounding like an idiot... but I... Maria, I think I'm gay.

–Christian Maiocco, RPed by Dmullins677, hypothetical

This idea occurred to me a while back, but then I assumed it was just me. But then I heard it on chat. The user was just kidding, but so?

It's not unbelievable. Charity Bagman and Maria Young both like him. And gay boys are cute, likeable, and usually downright fabulous. So it's certainly a shame for straight people that they'll never get them.

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