This is a weird story but here it goes:

I was watching Reign (it's so bad it's great) and one of the lines in a song was, "Maybe I'm wasting my young years." And I started thinking.

The three things that take up the most time in my life are sleeping, school, and wiki. And that's not right. We always say, "RL comes first." And even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes, it's the truth.

I'm not really sure what my goals in life are, but I know they include learning Spanish, and getting good enough grades I can get into a collage far away from here (I live on the Pacific coast), preferably Canada or the UK. My plan is to get into a collage far away, that has a study abroad program that will take me even farther away. It's the most realistic way to run away to a foreign county.

And I need to learn Spanish. Thus far in life, I've failed, but I'm 14, so I still have time. But my 15th birthday is fast approaching, and I need to start learning in a timely manner. I need to focus on that properly, and learn, because they say it gets harder as you get older. So I need to spend more time watching Plaza Sésamo (It works for toddlers, no judging!) and using flashcards (Ugh; I hate flashcards) and less on DARP chat. With classes, audio language-learning tapes, Plaza Sésamo clips on YouTube, practicing with my friend who's studying via a different class, and ordering jugo de sandia, I should get there, eventually. So I am going to — if I can keep to my plan — be on DARP substantially less.

I'm not leaving. I'll just be on less (I plan for substantially less, but I'll likely fail and be on more) and I'll try to use my time better. Like RPing more and lollygagging on chat less. But I'm in high-school now (for those with different schooling systems, it's when your grades in school really start to matter for your future) and I don't think there's a single person among you who doesn't dream of leaving whereeveritisyoulive and seeing the world. And to do that I'll need good grades, the ability to speak Spanish (and maybe German and Arabic and Esperanto).

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